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(The Asian Persuasion)

Defines anyone who is from the orient, and is I R L33t. The rules for beign a T.A.P are that you must be asian and have the persuasion to pick up ladies.
Cords-Dude, have u noticed drew latley, that fuckin thai is picking up all the ladies.

Nack-Yeh man, he sure does have T.A.P


Nack-The Asian Pursuasion!

Cords- Fuck yeah
by Cordeiro May 14, 2005
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Gay Penetration of two men
Drew:Steve Im gonna nack u
Steve: Drew, Nack me all night long
by Cordeiro March 12, 2005
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Something that has no real value in this world. Could be used in a variaty of casses, concerning women, men, drugs, prostitutes, people, ect...
That bitch is low commodity, she'll fuck and give u a rimmer for fun.
by Cordeiro March 28, 2005
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The idea of or situation pertaining to someone getting fiercely anally raped
man, that drunk girl at the party got sooo nacked by those guys with a screwdriver
by Cordeiro March 12, 2005
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