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Mispelling of the word PEDOPHILE.
people that can't spell, shouldn't correct people when they spell pedophile "petifile"
by cor January 20, 2004

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A super annoying girl.The reason Sora and Riku are so competitive with each other.
The race with Riku.
by Cor December 19, 2003

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A deep, rugged, scratchy (almost always male) voice.
The singer of Nickelback has a Marlboro voice.
by Cor June 06, 2006

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Internet abbreviation; stands for Laugh to Yourself. Similiar to lol.
And then I farted, lty.
by Cor November 18, 2004

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girl who is massive and somehow sexy at the same time. Giant and Gorgeous.
Chadwick: "Dude Catrina gained so much weight, shes like 400 lbs."
Freddy: "mmm ya but she is gi gorgeous now dude"
by cor October 02, 2004

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Sucks; stinks; shows displeasure.
After discovering she'd failed the test, Brittany sighed, "Man, this really lessoffs."
by Cor November 02, 2004

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1. To pinch.
2. To squish.
3. To cram.
4. To smoosh.
5. To press.
6. To push.
7. To pull.

It can also be used for various other words, most having to do with the above 7.
1. "I'll sqwinch you!"
2. "I sqwinched that bug."
3. "I sqwinched up in the corner."
4. "Let's sqwinch the dough!"
5. "Sqwinch the button."
6. "Sqwinch it through the door!"
7. "Sqwinch the lever hard!"
by Cor September 05, 2003

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