4 definitions by Cookiedough131

Usually a guy that is quit sound but he is also a right prick at times.Usually seen wearing a waistcoat when he works in a office and parks in the disabled parking because he can.You can’t get a word in edgeways with him because he talks a lot and your scared if you interrupt he will sack u.Otherwise nice guy 9/10
Nicki wears a waistcoat and enjoys it.
by Cookiedough131 May 2, 2020
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Someone that brings no joy.They are usually the first to flirt with the men(usually the married men) in the office as they don’t need to do any of the work and they have time to.They expect you to take the workload whiles they flirt with the entire male majority in the office.If you ask them a question they will treat you like dirt or act like your a male so they can stay in character. That girl is a real joy kill.”I was meant to call a customer back about a cheque and this monster shredded the cheque”!!
Joytease is a asshole.
by Cookiedough131 May 2, 2020
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A nice word but can be used in a work setting to ask why you are not working.Its usually the person that can’t be bothered with their own responsibilities asking this question.The reason for this?Well their is none apart from the fact it puts peer pressure onto the collegue and assumes authority for the manager.
Are you okay hun?infact I don’t really care I’m just reminding you of my position of power.
by Cookiedough131 May 2, 2020
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When your so high you think your feet are burping and it’s going up through your toes and into your mouth.
That was such a rad trip I had a feetburp!didn't taste anything apart from regret.
by Cookiedough131 May 2, 2020
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