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Word used as a gentle attempt to either turn someone down, or break up with a current relationship.

As in these famous examples:

"I just wanna be friends"
"I like you as a friend"
"Could we still be friends?"

v1. To dump someone's ass casually.
v2. To give someone the friends syn: deceive
Evan: So, how's it going with her?
Karl: Ohh, she gave me the friends last night.
Evan: Shit, sorry to hear that.
by Comrade Karl May 06, 2005

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A term used to give an indirect importance to a noun. The word "it" obviously refers to what the person is referring to in general context as in:

"The Club? Down two streets, and take a left. On Sherbrooke street is where it's at."

But, it can be used when "it" hasn't been specified and the user merely intends to give it prime importance, such as:
"Simple Plan? No way, they suck big cock. The Rasmus is where it's at now."
by Comrade Karl July 14, 2006

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A shortened version of you're breaking my balls. Much simpler to deliver and produces the same effect.

Basicly, when "someone is giving you a really hard time" as mentioned in the original.
Evan: You think you might be able to lend me some cash?
Karl: My balls.

Evan: You think we can reduce my debt to you to only 70$?
Karl: My balls.

Evan: Guess who I'm going out with?!
Karl: My fuckin' balls.
by Comrade Karl July 05, 2006

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The peak of moral depression, characterized by strong feelings of displeasure and by a series of involuntary outcries and/or squeals.
Quite frankly the opposite of an orgasm.
Noah had an angasm yesturday after making an introspection of his love life.
by Comrade Karl September 10, 2005

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Said to someone who fails to comprehend his or her own present situation. Often perceived as a misinterpretation of past events or activities. It is advisable to remind the person in question (if you appear to be in verbally discernible range), of his or her mistake to avoid any forthcoming embarassments on his or her part.
(Brief exchange prior to an imminent Science Test)

Karl: Hey Ev! *shakes his hand* Fail with honor!
Evan: Thanks. You too.
Karl: Ayan! *shakes his hand* Fail with honor!
Ayan: What?! Hey, I'm passing!
Karl: Ughh.
Evan: Haha, head up in the clouds Ayan!
by Comrade Karl April 12, 2005

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Soviet Atomic-missile powered Submarine.
Long Live the USSR! We remember the officers and crew of the K-19...
by Comrade Karl April 07, 2005

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Nerdi-chlorians are microscopic life-forms that reside within the cells of all living nerds. They give their counterpart a characteristic called worldly ignorance.

This person/thing becomes unaware that his behavior appears odd to others. If you told him so, he would not believe you. If you explained why, he would not understand.

Nerdi-chlorians are a way to measure the person's nerdiness; their stupid behavior.
Evan: Ughh, what a fuckin' nerd!
Karl: I know, he must have a high nerdi-chlorian count.
by Comrade Karl May 06, 2005

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