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A cute, captivating, artistic and crucially alcoholic ministerial with a penchant for rowing lads. Don't ask about buttons, jelly, fruit or what she's talking about. Brilliant stroke, but occasionally confused and prone both to ego trips and body complexes.
Beckykins, my child, shouldn't you be wearing a scarf?
Where's all the wine gone? Beckykins!
Love ya really Beckykins!
by Comrade Wales December 13, 2005
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A place of community spirit, religious devotion and education. Also rampant alcoholism, laziness, raging parties and rumour.
Home to the very beautiful Regent's Rabbits whose exploits are legendary and a kick-arse rowing squad that wiped the rest off the river. Also a mention for Fiddes- all round legend and Emmanuel the Tortoise.
Regent's Park.....is that even a college?

Regent's Park...is that in London?

Who really won Nephys 2005? Regent's Park
by Comrade Wales December 13, 2005
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