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(n) 1. A measurement of frequency; equivalent to 1 million cycles per second. Often abbreviated as MHz.

2. Any kind of data or processing power commonly sought after by hackers, who attempt to steal it from one's computer. Usually results in an incoherent string of words from the victim after being stolen.
1. The frequency of the radio waves used by FM stations is usually measured in megahertz.

2. After discovering that the reason that his computer was running slowly was because of a hacker, John shouted, "OH NOES!!!!11!111 t3h HaXorZ r 5+0leD M3H m3G@hUr7ZZ!!!11111!11!1"
by CommieDog September 1, 2005
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(n) 1. A politician who would have won the 2000 election if Al Gore didn't steal almost all of his votes and then have his brainwashed supporters turn around and falsely claim that said politician stole Al Gore's votes, because (according to their twisted form of 'logic') all votes truly belong to Democrats until people such as said politican use their evil satanic powers to convince people that elections are not horseraces and that voters should vote for who thay think should run the country, and not necessarily who will win.
Ross Perot was George the Elder's Ralph Nader.
by CommieDog July 20, 2005
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(n)1. A derogatory term referring to the Urbandictionary.com editors. As expected from a term with such poor mastery of spacing, capitalization, and pluralization, the phrase is generally used by idiots, morons, dumbasses, and nitwits, or as a jab at one of the aforementioned groups.
After submitting 37 definitions of himself in one day and waiting three days only to see that none of them had been published, Kenny exclaimed, "OMG U FUCKING U D NAZI'S GET A LIFE AND STOP DELETING MY AWE SOME DEFS U CUNT'S!!!"
by CommieDog August 26, 2005
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(n) 1. To ejaculate (or 'jizz') or become sexually aroused at the thought of creating or living in a socialist or communist utopia, or the result thereof
After listening to Paul's speech about how my life will become better after the evil corporations are dismantled and absorbed into the state, I had a commujizzim.
by CommieDog July 28, 2005
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(n) 1. An insult used by extremists on both sides of the political spectrum to describe those on the opposite side as a replacement for pig or dog when they become too wound up in political mudslinging to remember which animal refers to which side, causing said extremists to chain the two words together in order to ensure that their insult is half-accurate.

2. A satirizing jab at people who inhabit the extremes of the political spectrum, making fun of their inability to keep their insults straight, particularly referring to those who mistake the names of political parties and positions on the political spectrum for genuine insults.

3. The long-lost half-brother of Catdog.
1. After a long moment of reflection, Mike declared, "Let us fight the capitalist pigs...err...dogs...err...pigdogs!"

2. John's only response to Bill's inane rant accusing him of being a "Nazi pinko liberal Republican" was to mutter, "Pigdog."

3. Terry screamed and fainted when she saw Pigdog.
by CommieDog August 10, 2005
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