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(n) 1. A measurement of frequency; equivalent to 1 million cycles per second. Often abbreviated as MHz.

2. Any kind of data or processing power commonly sought after by hackers, who attempt to steal it from one's computer. Usually results in an incoherent string of words from the victim after being stolen.
1. The frequency of the radio waves used by FM stations is usually measured in megahertz.

2. After discovering that the reason that his computer was running slowly was because of a hacker, John shouted, "OH NOES!!!!11!111 t3h HaXorZ r 5+0leD M3H m3G@hUr7ZZ!!!11111!11!1"
by CommieDog September 01, 2005
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A fancy way of saying you're wounded or sick. Proper usage would be:
omg, my arm megahertz.
by sharpz December 28, 2004
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