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Will be the next hit in reality television in America. Hundreds of thousands of Illegal immigrants will compete in front of three judges, performing whatever it is that they are good at or what they feel will benefit America, in hopes for the GRAND PRIZE....1 US GREEN CARD.
Man did you watch Illegal Idol last night? That little mexican really cleaned the shit out of that house.

I cant believe that that girl from India can make a rug that fast, and it was beautiful. She will win Illegal Idol for sure..
by Coles Bosox February 21, 2008

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Is when somebody throws another individual under the bus to avoid responsibility or accountability, in the attempt to detour from discipline or blame.
Oh shit its going down, Matt is getting talked to about that customer issue, let the Bustossing event commence.

Hey Joe. thanks for Bustossing me to the boss again. Your such a flom
by Coles Bosox February 23, 2008

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Would be the actual person doing the bustossing. This person usually does something wrong on a normal basis day to day. And is often named Joe, Matt or John.
Oh her comes Bustosser John from the bosses office. I wonder who is getting wrote up this time.

Thanks for telling the police that I sold that coke to that 12 yr old Joe, you fucking Bustosser.

Hey Matt why are you such a Bustosser? Cant you just let us work with out telling on us you fucking snitch.
by Coles Bosox February 23, 2008

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A person male or female that has 2 or more kids with a different combination of parents each time.


A person who is a bastard factory and pops out multiple kids to either use the system for state assistance or to trap the significant other.
Wow Wendie is such a mirclit, what is it now? 3 kids with 3 baby daddy's?

Damn Joe you mirclit, try using a condom you bastard factory.

Man I really think that that mirclit Karen is trying to get knocked to keep Darren ever since he got that promotion.
by Coles Bosox February 19, 2008

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One who pressures or guilts their peers or associates into doing something that lacks production value. Resulting in work not getting done and eventually leading to a Bustossing event.
Hey Joe, tell your boys to stop Shmaaroning around back there. They need to get to there first stop.

Matt, stop being a Shmaaron to John and get your calls done.
by Coles Bosox February 23, 2008

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Its the inflammation of the bottom lip, causing the person to look like a camel or Jay Z for instance, resulting from excessive pouting or sadness brought on by constant picking on or ridicule.
Oh poor Matt, cause of Eric and Mitch playing tricks on him and poking fun at him he has now developed Lipitis.

Hey Matt you better get some medication for that case of Lipitis before a bird shits on your lip.

Hey Matt since you have Lipitis right now and its raining, Would you mind if I stand under your lip so I am out of the rain?
by Coles Bosox February 22, 2008

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A government using, section 8 abusing, welfare check cashing bastard factory, that relies on food stamps to "provide" for his family. One who cant hold a job and is a drain on the community.

I don't know what is worse. A Chesmore, a Native American or a African American that cant let what happened 150 years ago go.
Wow Lem is such a Chesmore, he has just lost his second job in six weeks. Five kids and zero sense of responsibility to get his family out of the section 8 housing.

Man I drive by these shit hole apartment communities every morning and I am sick and tired of my tax dollars going towards these welfare abusing Chesmore's.
by Coles Bosox February 22, 2008

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