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V. The act of agreeing to keep a secret.
Day 1, person 1--" Hey, don't tell anyone about that secret thing that i told you confidentially, in private while we were in the elevator by ourselves and no one else was there, ok?"

Day 1, person 2--"I'm putting the cat in the bag!"

D1,P1--" I'm serious! "

D1,P2-- "Doood, cat's in the bag!"
Day 3, Person 1--- "Who let the cat out of the bag??"
by Col. Dante KnuckleBuckle March 10, 2010

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1)n.- specific expression of joy in the success of graduating.

2) n.- the act of congraduating

"It took a lot of work and six years, but, congraduations, my man!"
by Col. Dante Knucklebuckle November 17, 2009

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n. 1) Almost all politicians.

2) An elected offical that compromises and or neglects his/her responsibility to defend the constitution and voice of his constiuents.
"Ron Paul is one of the few congressman who is NOT a Polytrickion."

"...wicked Polytrickions make wicked decisions improving their postions, buying sh*t that's expensive at the expence of our living conditions... " from "The Warning" by O.B.L. album "M-Z-O" '08.
by Col. Dante Knucklebuckle November 16, 2009

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pronunciaton- Doe Mee

1)Short for domicile.

–noun 2) a place of residence; abode; house or home.

3) Law. a permanent legal residence.

–verb (used with object) 4.) to establish in a domicile
" Are you gonna be chillin at your domie later?"

"...like 4th plate buffet , boy, ya hungry, got the munchies smokin blunts with ya homies atcha domie, atcha crib where you live, where you stay at, where you be, where you sleep, where you wake at...." spokenword by o.b.l. album "rebel-lion"
by Col. Dante Knucklebuckle November 17, 2009

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1)n. -- Herb(usually Cannabis Indica) that, when smoked, leaves you stranded on the couch.

2)v.-- The act or state of being clamp onto the couch, specifically after consumption of some Couch-clamp.
For over 3 hours, Timmy was suffering from a severe bout of the Couch-clamp.

" ...Dirty South, clean mouth, dirt road, packed bowl, couch clamp, revamp, explode, reload." The Gathering, One Big Love, Earth Music For Spacelings '05.
by Col. Dante Knucklebuckle November 16, 2009

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n. 1) ice water (for drinking)

2) water (for drinking)

note: In the wake of all of the "blingbling" and songs about "Cristal" and other name brand liquids, diamonade offers an economic solution to your thirst needs.
" .expected tp stay.You have to deal with them bills you've neglected to pay. I didn't like my wheels, went and got an Escalade, but now I'm more broke but i got something catchy to say 'F- pearly whites, I wants an ice capade and a platinum chain peronalized licence plate!' Whem life gives you coals, make diamonade." from "Diamonade", a sarcastic hook about the mindset of fashion rappers. One Big Love album M-Z-O '08
by Col. Dante Knucklebuckle November 18, 2009

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n. 1) The face that is made right before a full blown fit of crying, reguardless of age, sex,etc.

2) The mouth part of a Troutmouther

3) One who troutmouths or is known to troutmouth.

4) to complain, bitch, whine or cry about stuff

v./adj.>troutmouthing, troutmouth'n
"Quit troutmouthing and just do it!"

"Here comes ol Troutmouth, don't tell em you seen his ex at the karioki bar last night."
by Col. Dante Knucklebuckle November 17, 2009

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