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To have a joke or comment followed by a silence substantial enough to make the chirping of crickets audible.
"Hey, I got your moms phone number, and I called it", "God damn thats crickets"
by Cokehead December 23, 2002

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Noun. A person who claims they would give up their baby for another child they find absolutely perfect.
Example 1: "Kendra is such a baby-refunder. Every time she sees little Freddie she says she would refund Jack to pay for Freddie."
Example 2: Julia was such a baby refunder, always saying she wishes her little boy was more like her neighbors kid.
by CokeHead June 26, 2014

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As a verb - To go to said establishment without then intention of buying anything. Most probably, to ride on scooters, or steal a rascal.
Hey Biatch, I'm bored, lets walmart it up.
by Cokehead December 23, 2002

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