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One who is sketchy; An area where many sketchy people gather or are gathered in.
Man, that kid SketchyJesse is such a sketchpad.

I wouldn't go into that washroom if I were you dood, it's a real fucked ass sketchpad!
by Codpiece July 28, 2003
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The state one tends to be in after the use of hard drugs, usual Extacy. The feeling is one where the mind is awake yet the body feels dead.
Man, I did 2 hits of White Unicorn at WEMF and next day i was sketchy as shit.
by Codpiece July 28, 2003
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When engaging in anal in the doogy position the man, on the point of ejaculation, batters the woman in the kidneys as hard as possible. This results in spontaneous vomiting by the man/woman taking said beating. This results in a far tighter orgasm. Apparently
by Codpiece March 28, 2005
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