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He's the cricket from Pinocchio, the one who advises him, Pinocchio's Conscience.
Someone's conscience.
Would you stop going allJiminy Cricketon me?
by COB September 07, 2004

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A general term used to describe procrastinating in the broad sense. Also used to describe the act of doing very little or nothing at all.
"Stop fafting already and come over to my house."

"What are you and Tina up to?" "Not much, just sitting around fafting."

"What does Huss do all day?" "Nothing, he is the faft master."
by Cob September 28, 2012

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Pojin can replace many words. Words include, stud, hoss, krunk, etc.
Wussup Pojin?
Man, this party is pojin!
That guy is pojin man.
by CoB July 06, 2004

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To "rip," "shred," or "tear" something up. As in skateboarding or doing very good at something.
He shralped up the bowl with his awesome moves.
by cob February 02, 2004

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