3 definitions by Cletis L Stump

BORON~ n. Boron is a combination of boring and moron. It is self-defining through one's behavior.
Boron ~ n. "Sir, (yawning) you are a total boron." adj. "Sir, (ho hummming) that is the most boronic statement I've heard in years." v. To boron. "Dude, you better jack up on coffee. That gal will boron you into a coma in a nanosecond."
by Cletis L Stump March 21, 2016
Trumpitis n. Inflamation of the buttocks brought on by routinely talking out of one's ass.
"Bubba," the doctor said sternly, "you need to dial it back a little. This is the worst case of Trumpitis I have ever seen."
by Cletis L Stump March 26, 2016
*Trumpaphobia n. 1 Fear of intelligence & reasoned discourse. 2. Fear of an informed electorate
All politicians suffer from Trumpaphobia.
by Cletis L Stump March 27, 2016