3 definitions by Clary fray

Beautiful and talented celebrity, Starring in the Percy Jackson series playing annabeth, IT WASN'T HER DAM FAULT THE MOVIES SUCKED
by Clary fray March 26, 2016
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Beautiful and talented witch, brightest witch of her age, helped kill voldemort. And absolute badass chick
Wow hermoine is my fav character she's so badass!
by Clary fray March 26, 2016
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A very awesome group of four men who each sing a different part (Tenor Lead Bari Bass) and do not, contrary to popular belief, wear striped vests and those weird hats. they are part of the barbershop harmony society. Some of the best quartets in the world are Ringmasters (from Sweden), Musical Island Boys (from New Zealand), OC Times (from US and 2008 international quartet champions), Vocal Spectrum, Monkey Magic, Happiness Emporium and Crossroads (from US and 2009 international quartet champions). Also the Dapper Dans of disneyland are a quartet
Wow, that barbershop quartet is the coolest most awesome thing I've ever heard!!!
by Clary fray July 22, 2009
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