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A gender based on the heat Index
It’s 108 degrees of heat index today! You really think it’s beautiful outside? How could you not consider my Monogender
by Clark527 July 08, 2018

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A Racist Dog
Owner: Speak Monodawg
Monodawg: "Bark...Nigger"
by Clark527 August 17, 2018

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A part of the body like the Achilles’ Heel; where if a tiny injury occurs results in permanent loss of function to do any physical activities. Side effects result in addiction to Zelda and carrying 3 or more cameras at all time.
Person A: Ow, I just fell from that 1 foot drop. I think I hurt my ankle.

Person B: Looks like you fractured your Victor’s Vagina. You will be unable to do any more physical activity for your entire life.
by Clark527 August 18, 2018

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