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The ugliest boots imaginable, and they are also usually very expensive. Often worn with pleated mini skirts and polo shirts.

Pronounced in a caveman-esque fashion.

Stay away from them. If you come within ten feet, their ugliness will stick to you.
"What are you wearing?"
"No-- stay away--"
by Clare April 07, 2005
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an expression of happiness. also, a kick-ass character in JTHM.
SQUEE!Im going to __________'s concert!
by Clare August 04, 2003
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I know it's all been said before. A lot. But... he's the absolutely gorgeous, lovely, talented guitarist of the brilliant Good Charlotte. He's a really good artist as well. I love him, like a lot of people do. He's amazing. He really is.
Billy Martin is an example of amazing beauty, talent, niceness! That's what he's got, and much more!
by Clare January 13, 2005
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Bass guitarist in Finnish band The Rasmus. Has a penchant for Granddad jumpers, short trousers, sandals and Sahaja Yoga. A loveable guy.

To get Eeroed is when a nice person gets hit by carelessly thrown objects in the eye at a festival.
"ohmygod it's Eero doing Yoga in the Park!"

"Owww I just got Eeroed!"
"Damn someone just Eeroed Gemma!"
by Clare September 05, 2004
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dude, zach is a total mfsob.
by clare March 29, 2005
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Created as a search term for search engine optimizers to compete on for the coveted position one in the Google.com search results. The result of such placement being a new owner of an ipod and/or flat screen monitor.
I want to win the nigritude ultramarine seochallenge and become the seo champion of the world and therefore get more exposure, clients and make lots more money.
by Clare May 09, 2004
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gee gee slang tearm for horses
im off to c the gee gees
i put a bet on the gee gees today
by clare August 07, 2004
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