13 definitions by Clare

see "spide" - annoying people who have a 'uniform' and hang around street corners!
i hate those wee belfasties!
by Clare April 13, 2005
mother fuckin son of a bitch s.o.b. sob
dude, zach is a total mfsob.
by Clare March 30, 2005
gee gee slang tearm for horses
im off to c the gee gees
i put a bet on the gee gees today
by Clare August 7, 2004
1. a cheap man's ipod

2. every teenybopper's fantasy

3. what everyone recieved for christmas
Omg, suzie, did you see libby's pink ipod mini! it's totally BITCHIN'!
by Clare December 30, 2005
an expression of happiness. also, a kick-ass character in JTHM.
SQUEE!Im going to __________'s concert!
by Clare August 5, 2003
something u do wen ur bored sat at ur computer
make a video hide look at the camera n say
by Clare January 17, 2004
shows surpise/ shock about something
john : i really like sarah
mark : u like her shit the bed..

shop keeper: thats £50
me : omg shit the bed
by Clare August 7, 2004