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The "cool" anime show that Japenese school girls and everyone under 14 watches. In a few years it will suffer the same fate as Pokemon though; graduly decreasing in popularity until it becomes the thing people look back on and say "oh yeah I remember that show, wow.. I thought this was cool. I must have been such a loser when I was younger."

The kid in the orange jumpsuit who yells "Believe It" at random points in the show. Also the franchize that just will not die. How many fricken half ass games will they make for Naruto!

Also anyone over the age of 14 who still watches Naruto is considered a loser with no life. If you are one of these cases ask yourself "Do the popular people at school who don't watch Naruto think i'm cool and do they think Naruto is cool." Your answer "NO."
Naruto, like Pokemon will slowly, but surely die off into a decaying pile of crap on youtube and in your closet.

Why the hell does Naruto blurt out "Believe It" in the middle of a conversation? It makes him look like a 9 year old Japenese school girl!
by ChristianK May 04, 2007

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Waxing the dolphin (v.)
to masturbate, jack off. When a male has sex with his his hand a.k.a. Jill. The act of masturbating. Generally done by males age 12-18.
Wack off Jack off Masturbate
Christain: Dude Michael waxes his dolphin while on Geaogia's myspace!
Austin: Oh my god! Thats disgusting, I feel bad for Georgia.

Christian: Holy crap! Grant was " Waxing the Dolphin " in the locker room
by ChristianK April 17, 2007

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ceo C.E.O. cock whore
Wow dude, Georgia is such a C.E.O.W.
by ChristianK April 18, 2007

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The band Brian 'Head' Welch (guitar), Reginald 'Fieldy' Arvizu (bass), David Silveria (drums) and Rick Morril (not part of Korn) played for before joining Korn and meeting Johnathan Davis (vocals), which is the greatest Nu-Metal band of all time.

LAPD L.A.P.D. Police Korn Da Po Po
Man, I kinda wish that L.A.P.D. stayed around longer, they were pretty good. Although Rick Morril can't sing like JD can!
by ChristianK April 24, 2007

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A very small penis belonging to a Jew. All Jews carry a Jew penis, there is no such thing as a Jew with a "Godzilla Cock." A Jew Penis is somewhere between a skittle and half a Vienna Sausage. Today's leading scientists have proved that 100% of all Jewish males are under 5 1/2 inches.
Jew Jew'd Jews
Wow dude, that kid over there with the Jew Fro has a Jew Penis. His boyfriend must be pissed.
by ChristianK April 17, 2007

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