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Mental state describes your current stage of your mentality. There exist 10 mental states:

STATE 1: The happy, vivacious and sensitive state: here you smile to the world and jump around, until you see.. the bird shit covering your car or windows.
STATE 2: The unsatisfied, cynical and hysterical state: here you think the human nature is a disgrace and you prefer to whine, so you hand over the shit to your neighbours and start a conflict!
STATE 3: The ambivalent and insecure state: you feel life got some up and downs, you can't really decide what you want or what you need.
STATE 4: The disturbed state: the state where you begin to burn off dolls hair as a girl or paint your room with Disney cartoons when you are a boy.
STATE 5: The lackadaisical state: you lack of spirit and rather want to sit on the couch eating crisps watching top 100 celebrities, you can't even bother to masturbate.
STATE 6: The soothed sleepy relaxed state: usually appears after a joint or two or when you watch cricket and petanque.
STATE 7: The jovial state: you're feeling jovial and you begin to spam smileys everywhere.
STATE 8: The mental masturbation state, too many thoughts, WHAT TO DO?! You mental masturbate!
STATE 9: The furious bored and annoyed state: a state that appears when you watch Tour De France.
STATE 10: The dumb state: you are reading all those ten states or you are actually the one writing them.
Question: What's 2 + 2?

Person 1: It's 5 I can prove it!

Person 2: NO damn it! It's 4, your mental state is on a DUMB level! You see, ll + ll = llll?!
by ChrisO'Neat August 16, 2010

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A person who adds hell of a lot of badass urban words!
ZOMG PWNAGE!! You defined OMGWTFBBQ, teach me plix!
WTF, lmao n!!00b i just got h4x0rz skillzz at being urban-wise!!
by ChrisO'Neat May 11, 2010

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The feathers in the neck of a dominating cock or a so called rooster.
Woah that rooster must have fucking large and long hackles in its neck:O
by ChrisO'Neat May 12, 2010

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The verb cock slap (pronounced: kOk slæp), means to slap something with your cock (penis), etc. the head of a person!
Victim: Hey dude could you cock slap the caps lock for me? All my fingers are busy with typing in my hax0rz secrets!

Observer (The Slapper): *Tries to slap his cock into the caps lock and the sound 'slap' appears as if it has hit skin instead of a key on the keyboard*

Victim: Damn dude! Not my head! The caps lock! Even the same letters appear in the word man.. CAPS LOCK - COCK SLAP! How tough can it be?!

Observer (The Slapper): Sorry man, it's tough to aim for such a tiny target!
by ChrisO'Neat August 15, 2010

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