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When a friend says he will be there in a certain amount of time, but then shows up many hours later. Made famous by local entrepreneur during his time in Georgia, Mr. Bailey would always show up but much later than the designated time. Upon arrival no explanation for this time is given. What happens during Bailey Time is unknown.
Chris: "Did you call William?"
Josh: "Yea, he said he'll be here in about 10 minutes."
*2 Hours Later*
Chris: "William is still not here. Must be Bailey Time again."
by Chris Pence March 30, 2011

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The act of driving close to the sidewalk, when a pedestrian enters striking distance, the person in the passenger's seat throws the door open hitting the pedestrian.

Another variation is the "Pump Fake Door Check". It requires two passengers. The person in the front throws their door open just wide enough to make the pedestrian flinch, then they close their door. The passenger in the back seat then hits the pedestrian with his door even harder. Everyone in the car then screams, "That's two for flinching!"
Strong: "Dude! Door Check that mail man!"
Turner: "....i think we killed that guy."
by Chris Pence March 31, 2011

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A Sexual Act. When a man ejaculates in another person's mouth and they then spit the ejaculate back into the ejaculator's anus.
Joann: "Have You ever had a good Blowrodding?"
Turner: "Whats a Blowrodding??"
Strong: "SHUT UP MOM!"
Joann: "Your just mad i'm having fun!"
by Chris Pence April 13, 2008

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A nickname for a friend who is somewhat religious(Or at least pretends to be) and you play basketball with. Mainly used at summer bible camps and church leagues. This person is usually a ball hog. His 2 moves are run down the lane, charging in similar to a train. Or throwing it up from half court. This person is a real bummer to even be around.
Josh: "Here he comes again!"
Chris: "He never passes the ball, and gets blocked every time."
Dustin: "I really hate him."
Chris: "Don't invite Jesus Train to play ball ever again."
by Chris Pence April 18, 2011

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An Ailment Some Women Get When They Really Need Some Good Loving.
Chris: "Idk what's wrong with her tonight. She is all over me."

Will: "I do, she's got Low Bird Pressure dude!
by Chris Pence July 14, 2008

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