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Ryu Hayabusa is the protagonist of the ninja gaiden series, and a selectable character in dead or alive series. In fact he is labelled as a super ninja due to the Ninja Gaiden plot. In the DOA series he is a toptier due to canon (He defeated an interdimensional Tengu called Bankotsubou) and his fast and deadly attacks, including izuna otoshi (It's not omote renge, folks!). He has lots of powerful attacks and carry a plethora of weapons in the ninja gaiden on the Xbox. He pwns along with joe musashi, strider hiryu, taki, rikimaru and other ninjas that naruto universe has just ripped off due to lack of ideas in creating good characters and plot.
Lucid and intelligent person: I just mastered ryu's combos in Dead ro alive, after i went to ninja gaiden black and beat it using dabilahro and true dragon sword! ryu hayabusa is the coolest!

Naruto fan: nope itachi is the coolest because he killed his realtives and yakkit yakka yakka yakka...

Lucid and intelligent person: and by the way you don't know that naruto is a ripoff of videogame ninjas, uh?
by Chris Falcon July 02, 2008
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It is also the abreviation for the japanese metal band Saitama Saishuu Heiki, which makes arrangements of videogame music and some original compositions.
Yay! i heard holy orders arrangement from SSH!
by Chris Falcon December 05, 2007
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The best song ever made by mankind.
emerald sword is the most addictive and powerful song ever created. let's bless the composer and the writer of the lyrics.
by Chris Falcon December 06, 2007
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A japanese Illustrator who does awesome illustrations for the SNK Games and some Fanart as well.
Falcoon's rendition of Iori ROX!
by Chris Falcon October 25, 2007
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In roleplaying, this means that a player uses cheap tricks in order to win a battle. It is Known as OP for short and is used by many anime roleplayers who takes the role of Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball Z (hence the facts that saiyajin could destroy mountains and cities with a beam and saint seiya characters can't be hit twice by the same tech/spell/jutsu, for example) and most, hellsing and elfen lied based characters, and uses their 10th sense, vectors, and goes to a monster transformation to enter god mode in all around based battle RPGs.

Overpower acts include:

- Stopping attacks or actions without a logical reason, just because the character did it in the manga/anime;

- Constant use of cheap dodging (like utsusemi, the famous replacement by a wood log), force fields that last for absurd amounts of time, or impassable barriers that does not get weak, even if there are conditions that may decrease their effect;

- Some vampire players that are unaffected by the sun without having a logical explanation for it;

- Summonings of monsters that could overhelm an entire planet, like tiamat and cthulhu;

- Naruto characters who portrait Uchihas to use sharigan's tricks.
Damn, my character got pwned ridiculously. My enemy mantained a barrier for the entire battle and went overpower by summoning a giant dragon at the same time, the play was ridiculous.
by Chris Falcon July 01, 2008
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Kaoru is japanese for Sweet Scent, Perfume.
That girl has such a Kaoru!
by Chris Falcon January 14, 2008
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A song from the Epic metal band Dragonforce.

This song has one of the most beautiful guitar solos ever.
Man, i listened to cry of the brave all day long!
by Chris Falcon October 25, 2007
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