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a cold bottle of beer.
hey jimmy go to the fridge and fetch me a coldone.
by Chong December 21, 2003

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The mother of Hoes
Look at all those hoes around the Mother Hoe
by Chong March 15, 2003

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Describes an object that is just plain wretched and disgusting which goes beyond humanity.
That six month old guacamole in your fridge is nasty-nasty.

That girl, with the lip sore, is nasty-nasty.
by Chong November 16, 2004

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the history of the word "iseijin" is a controversial one. It has been known as a word of contention and is quite topical in many conversations around the world.

To dispel any myths and conjecture about the word.

iseijin simply refers to some gay japanese random who invented the art of anal penetration as a form of sexual gratification in medieval japan.
omfg look at that bitches arse.. lets get iseijin on that bitch ..
by chong July 20, 2003

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a fuck ass, a worthless slut
Rossi is an ass clown, meaning he is a worthless bitch.
by Chong April 16, 2003

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