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A creature with two heads, four legs and two arms, a long tail and wings. It has like 1000 eyes all over it's head and torso. It breathes fire out of it's mouth which is aligned with 100's of teeth that can tear into almost anything. It can fly into outer space and swim into the deepest parts of the ocean. It is the ultimate beast and it is immortal. It has been living since the beggining of time, but has been in hiding and usually only comes out at night. It lives near the middle of the ocean where no person would dare to travel. Actually it lives in the bermuda triangle (now you know where the disappearences come from). But it does come out at night and flies to the closest city to feed on people.The only thing that can kill it is a kiss from an albino woman between the age of 20-23. It would be very difficuly to kill a kelet so watch out when you go near this beast.
by Choco February 13, 2004
It is a general insult word or can replace any insulting word. Can also be spelled, "b00ch".
Go b00ch yourself.
What a b00ch.
Wow, your getting b00ched up the ass.
by Choco September 25, 2003
The magnificently sexy protagonist of 'Silent Hill 2', a popular survival horror game for the Playstation 2 console. He is drawn to the cursed town because of a letter sent to him by his wife. His dead wife. Ooooo. He also jumps down a lot of holes, and does a great impression of leatherface.
The best part of waking up, is James Sunderland in your cup.
by Choco January 21, 2004