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the meaning is 'shaking my head' often used when you're disappointed or embarrassed.
'you don't know what a meme is? smh'
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by Chloesaphan November 13, 2018

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your name is emily and you're doing that tiktok challenge
emily - what would my name be is i took away the first and the last letters of my name?
by Chloesaphan June 11, 2020

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Something phil lester should of never said
Phil-you can always use my ladydoor
by Chloesaphan May 09, 2018

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Hiatus is when someone or something goes on a break. Many people think one direction are still on hiatus , no no they actually broke up. Fall out boy went on hiatus for a while , and now dan and Phil are on hiatus .
'Hey so uhm we are going on hiatus! Bye for a few years'
* Watches their videos, interviews and music for the next year until they upload next*
by Chloesaphan January 02, 2019

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someone who wants to eat awsten knights arms
you see that parxie? yeah they want to eat awsten knights arms

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Emma is a girl who is interpreted in different ways by many different people. If you're not friends with an Emma she may come across cold or sarcastic and protective, but when you get close to an Emma you realize that she is a caring and charming character. She is very loyal to everyone that is loyal to them. Emma is quite hot-headed and has a short temper, but if you're nice to her you have nothing to worry about! Some people are quite jealous of Emma !!But one thing to take into account, never get on the wrong side of an Emma, it may be the last thing you do...
Girl: Emma you are so rude
Emma: And you're an insolent inferior who does not even take the chance to get to know me before judging so quickly
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by Chloesaphan June 04, 2020

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