3 definitions by Cheshire

1.Can be summed up in 2 words: Ownage Machine
2.Gun that noobs think is weak
1.P1:I weild the ownage machin!
P2:Oh you mean the TMP?
2.Omfg wtf h4x wtf he kild me w/ teh tmp wtf wat a h4x0r tmp si teh suk!
by Cheshire July 30, 2003
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The title given to a person who fists donkeys or a donkey who has been fisted.
Jedi is such an edopnley
Jedi is nothing but an edopnley fister
by Cheshire August 4, 2003
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wtf y cnt I go thru tish tree wtf this map si for FAGORTS
by Cheshire July 30, 2003
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