3 definitions by ChayneRex

Whilst sitting on a flat surface, you suddenly shit your trousers, leaving a smooshed round shit-pattie that resembles an elephant footprint.
I was driving home last night and this deer ran out in front of me. I was so scared I gave myself a Wyoming Elephant Foot
by ChayneRex August 18, 2018
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While having a three way, you shoot your baby yogurt inside the lady's butthole. After you pull out, the other girl inserts a straw into the asshole of the girl you jizzed in, and proceeds to suck the cum out of her anus.
"So these girls asked me if I ever performed a Colorado Slurpee and said no. It was disgusting and also the weirdest three-way I've ever had."
by ChayneRex April 3, 2016
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The act of violently ramming large anal beads into someone’s anus and listening to their screams.
Sarah’s a fucking freak bro. She once had me give her the ol’ Russian Pay Phone. It got me rock hard and upset me deeply.
by ChayneRex August 19, 2018
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