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One of the most bad ass Martial arts in the world, It comes from Ancient Greece where it was used mostly on the battlefield when the soldiers could not use their weapons.

It was also an Olympic sport in which fighters would rather die then surrender, it was so brutal that eventually Eye gouging and biting had to be taken out.

During which Sparta boycotted the Olympics.

Unfortunately, not many people today know what it is.
"Dude don't mess with that guy he knows how to box!"

"Is that all? Dude I know Pankration."

"What the hell is that?"

*Proceeds to beat the shit out of guy*

"Woah, dude that's awesome."
by CharlesBronson February 23, 2013

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A guy who is secretley a terrorist with a pedophile mustache and constantly masturbates to camel porn. He enjoys blowing stuff up including his girlfriend. He also one time stuck a piece of dynamite up his ass to get off.
"Dude I just saw Noah!"

"That Terrorist creep! Ewwww!"
by Charlesbronson November 09, 2012

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tingly - a painkiller.
I took a tingly last night.
by charlesbronson February 22, 2005

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