One of the most bad ass Martial arts in the world, It comes from Ancient Greece where it was used mostly on the battlefield when the soldiers could not use their weapons.

It was also an Olympic sport in which fighters would rather die then surrender, it was so brutal that eventually Eye gouging and biting had to be taken out.

During which Sparta boycotted the Olympics.

Unfortunately, not many people today know what it is.
"Dude don't mess with that guy he knows how to box!"

"Is that all? Dude I know Pankration."

"What the hell is that?"

*Proceeds to beat the shit out of guy*

"Woah, dude that's awesome."
by CharlesBronson February 23, 2013
An ancient greek martial art which has been modernized by Matt Hume, as a form of full contact fighting. (MMA) Ex: UFC, Pride FC, King of the Cage. Legalities are knees, elbows, chokes, jointlocks, and punches to the face.
"Dude, that guys CRAAAAAAZZZZY. He must pankration"
by Wolly April 7, 2004
The act of foot stomping someone in the chest, gut or face.

Related to the ancient art of greek wrestling/fighting, Pankration, which the Spartans used in conjunction with their general badassery to annihilate their enemies.
Leonidas fucking pankrated the weak little Persian into the pit of doom.

Tony Jaa pankrated like 10 people, in the face, in Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior and another 10 in The Protector.
by kerrcobra May 3, 2010
an ancient Greek martial art, depicted on murals and pottery, that appears to be a mix of Greco-Roman wrestling, American kickboxing, and western boxing;the precursor to mixed martial arts
by Anonymous October 17, 2003