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To pee. A mixture between the French and English words pis/piss, and the Spanish word mear. It originates from "lengua erasmus" (or Erasmus Language). It can be used to insinuate peeing (pissar), vomiting (pissar por la boca; piss through the mouth), shitting (pissar por el culo; piss through the ass) and a running nose (pissar por la nariz; piss through the nose).
"Macho, tengo que pissar por el culo" ("Dude, I have to piss through my ass")
by Catalán May 20, 2009
Spanish (Spain) insult meaning "retard".
Tío, tu eres un puto gillipollas.
by Catalán August 31, 2008
A poopalacaucus is a bowl consisting of different strands of marijuana, hash, and kief. It is extremely strong.
by Catalán April 22, 2011
Libertad is the warcry of the Austrian school, free-market economics libertarian.
"Nobel laureate Frederich Hayek is pip pip. Libertad! Libertad!"
by Catalán May 22, 2009
The Paul Mitchell is a sex move where the man ejaculates into the woman's hair. It is named after the hair name brand product.
by Catalán July 8, 2009