3 definitions by Cassidyaaa7@luveveryone.

Basically if none of your friends are around they're your back up friend,you last resort.
Hannah is just our understudy friend,she literally doesn't try hard enough to be a good friend.
by Cassidyaaa7@luveveryone. April 10, 2019
The best part of the body it is located in between your hips and your boobs. Mostly referred to women and girls. it is HAWT! (7@ So i don't forget which is mine.)My midriff is always exposed!
Wow look at that girl she totally doesn't understand how to cover your Taylor Swift Midriff.
by Cassidyaaa7@luveveryone. April 7, 2019
Cassidy is a nice person who is so stubborn and hardheaded you couldn't convince her to change her mind on something she barely wanted to do. She is spicy but kind and can be awkward but can always find her inner confidence.
Friend:Woah cassidy are you sure you want to buy that,it will take up all your money?
Me:Yup I like it.
by Cassidyaaa7@luveveryone. April 10, 2019