4 definitions by Casper Milktoast in Daytona

A skinny style of the popular THC Vape Pens.
Hey, that chick is working that space needle. She's about to blast off to outer space she is so high.
by Casper Milktoast in Daytona August 15, 2019
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A person that believes the total bullshit that the Q Cult puts out. Like Lizard People are walking among us, Children are being drained of blood while frightened and Democrats drink that blood along with Oprah Winfrey. They also believe Trump won the 2020 election which he didn't. They just believe fictional conspiracy theories as if they were real.
Look at that moron shouting nonsense. For sure a Q-Tard
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A person that is a Q-Tard and believes lies and bullshit conspiracy theories easily. Generally a very stupid person with no brain processing power. Easily fooled idiot type of person.
Look at that crowd of cheering Trump supporters. A mass of Q-Tarded people.
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To steal something and smile as you walk away with it because you are happy about stealing it.
Dude, that obnoxious asshole at the end of the bar just hit on my girlfriend and grabbed her ass, so I GLEEPED his car keys and flushed them down the bar toilet! Hahahahaha.
by Casper Milktoast in Daytona January 14, 2020
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