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Ember is the nicest, sweetest girl you will ever meet, she will defend you to the death and always have your back. But beware, if you get on her bad side, you will not live to see another day, she be a ferocious cupcake, she is sweet, but if you are rude to her in any way shape or form, she will kill your ass. Embers are beautiful, on the outside and on the inside, they have the best personalities. Embers make the bestest friends, and stay your friend, they trust you, and are trustworthy with your secrets, all in all, an Ember is what you want in life, all you need, she is loving and cares about EVERYONE. (Unless you are a huge dick to her first)
Boy: did you see her? She has so many friends, not to mention she is gorgeous
Another boy: dude! Stay in your league! That's an Ember you're talking about, she is way too good for you!
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by Captian Spaceship January 19, 2019

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Shithead is a name that is pronounced (shith•eed), commonly used as a joke
Me: Boi mah name be Shithead!
Someone: you're an idiot.
by Captian Spaceship January 19, 2019

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