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When someone inserts a reference to the series Twilight where there need not be a reference made. Similar to a rickroll.
Mary: "My new nail polish is so sparkly!"
Sam: "Yeah, your fingers look just like Edward Cullen's body!"
Mary: "...."
by Captain Pixie July 19, 2010
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1. noun; slang for male ejaculate

2. noun; a delicious cake mix distributed by Pilsbury
1. Jill: "So, last night Brain sprayed his funfetti all over my titties."
John: "Hot damn."

2. I made my friend funfetti for her birthday.
by Captain Pixie August 12, 2009
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1. An area in Arlington, VA with a metro stop.

2. The only response to an insult containing the term "bisexual ballsex"
1. I have to get off at the Ballston stop to meet up with my friends.

2. A: At least I don't engage in bisexual ballsex!
R: At least I don't do it in the ballston!
by Captain Pixie August 22, 2009
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