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A professional victim’s organization based in Canada that promotes total civilian disarmament in Canada. The main inspiration for Cowboys for Social Responsibility, the Coalition for Gun Control (CGC) maintains that inanimate objects, mainly firearms, are responsible for homicide, femicide, infanticide, matricide, patricide, suicide, filicide, siblicide and every other known “cide” in the English language.
The Cowboys for Social Responsibility assume that if a person owns a firearm they are dangerous, particuarily men. If a man owns a firearm he will undoubably be more likely to beat his wife or kid.

The Cowboys for Social Responsibility recently defined the good folks at CanadianGunNutz as persons who buy firearms to be used AGAINST their wives, because knives kill more people than guns.
by CanadianGunOwner October 27, 2010

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One of Canada's two gun lobby groups. The Canada Shooting Sports Association is the other. These groups consist of and are funded by Canadian citizens who want to preserve their firearms heritage and rights. Disarmament lobby groups are generally funded by governments, including IANSA and sub groups such as the Coalition for Gun Control.

The NFA is the voice of the Canadian people speaking out for their firearms rights.
The NFA, or National Firearms Association, is taking the RCMP to court over their illegal reclassification and confiscation of firearms from law-abiding Canadian citizens. They are fighting to help keep Canada free from a new Canadian police state.
by CanadianGunOwner October 25, 2010

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The IANSA network includes Canadian gun control organizations such as the Coalition for Gun Control. IANSA is an international organization of NGOS that want total civilian disarmament. They have petitioned the United Nations to enact strategies to achieve this goal, to remove all "small arms and light weapons", including civilian hunting and sporting firearms. Their supposide reason for this is to promote government stability while simutaneously reducing firearms violence within their populations. They do not consider government genoicide of disarmed citizens to be a concern. Nor do they consider the inability of a civilian to protect themselves from criminals a concern- self defense is not a human right under United Nations charter, largely due to the work of IANSA.

IANSA does not reflect the will of the people, rather the will of their funders: governments. "IANSA’s work has been supported by funders including the Governments of Belgium, Sweden and Norway, as well as the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Compton Foundation, Ploughshares Fund, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Samuel Rubin Foundation and Christian Aid." (wikipedia)
IANSA needs to keep out of the United Nation's business.

For some reason IANSA feels that all citizens should be potential defenseless victims to crime and tyrany.

"IANSA comes largely from five agencies of small to medium-size governments: The Belgian Ministry for Development Cooperation; the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the United Kingdom Department for International Development; and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The funding of IANSA by governments raises the question of collusion." (1999 Discerning the Times Digest and NewsBytes)
by CanadianGunOwner November 01, 2010

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Cow boys for social responsibility is a blog for antis. Drawing from the Coalition for Gun Control and other sources they claim that guns cause suicides, that guns cause homicides, and that guns cause domestic violence against women and children. Womens shelters claim that women are terrorized at the hands of men with firearms.

Socieconomic or cultural reasons for violence are ignored as causes, including alcholism and poverty. Somehow it is innaminate objects that by themselves promote people to lose their minds, to snap and start beating their wives or killing people.
The full-time victims at Cow Boys for Social Responsibility want to ban all firearms from all law-abiding hunters and sport shooters in Canada. They feel the human right to self defense is not a right. They feel generations of hunters and shooters of Canada are now suddenly dangerous.
by CanadianGunOwner October 21, 2010

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To be full of oneself, haughty. One who thinks they are the best and most important person in the universe. Self absorbed.
That megalomanic SOB thinks hes just it!
by CanadianGunOwner November 16, 2010

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