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A man with a small but enthusiastic penis. We're talking 4 inches and below. It won't break the bank but it will shake the timbers.
He had a thunder Thimble but he still made my legs legs shake.

She didn't hit the bottom, but her Thunder Thimble hit the bull's eye.
by Can I Get U Off? July 12, 2020
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M&M stands for Masturbation & Marajuana. As such, this is any activity preceded by using marijuana and masturbating to orgasm in any order or combination.
M&M Insert Act uses:
Tonight, I have an M&M Date with Sam.

I'm going to have an M&M Staff Meeting.
M&M Tacos!
Go home and have an M&M.
by Can I Get U Off? March 3, 2022
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When you and your partner(s) get as high as you can and then have sexual relations until every party involved has an orgasm before the first party passes out.
Person 1: I got some weed and viagra.
Person 2: I love you man but not like that!
Person 1: Nah, it's for me and my girl.
Person 2: So what? Are you all gonna Stone N Bone?
Person 1: Fuck yeah!!!
by Can I Get U Off? January 10, 2021
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