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a fake person. someone does things to impress people
Someone who claims to be a coffee fanatic but only buys "frappacinos" from starbucks. People who go to TRL. People who listen to Good Charlotte. The members of Good Charlotte
by Calli March 01, 2005

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Someone who is extremely stupid.
An idiot.
Someone who is goofing off.
Bo, don't be such a cockass.
by Calli March 28, 2004

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1. A drinking game played with cards.
2. When someone is so drunk, they keep drinking and keep on talking like a cockass.
1. Hey, I'm inviting some people over. We're gonna play yak trap. Wanna come?

2. Haha! Ben's caught in the yak trap!
by Calli March 28, 2004

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When playing Scrabble or Literati, someone who steals another player's intended spot.
I was going to make a move, but Bryan was being an igan.
by Calli January 20, 2005

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HA304 is whats really good..
ha304 whats really really good?!
by CALLI October 20, 2004

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