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Consuming enough alcoholic beverages to legally be considered under the influence but not so much as to comfortably act a fool and/or hit on or be hit on by undesirable members of the opposite sex
I had to call a cab last night at the bar, but I totally wasn't even buzzed!! I think I was underserved.
by Calihog August 11, 2009
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VH1 show involving a tatted-up, botox injected muppet that continues to ride her 15 minutes of fame far longer than should be logically allowed
"Why the hell am I watching Daisy of Love?"
by Calihog July 31, 2009
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What a hot chick does when, in actuality, she is sweating like a pig
That chick on the stairmaster has a puddle of water under her from glistening profusely! Good thing she's hot or that would be disgusting!!
by Calihog August 5, 2009
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Yet another diet craze in the never ending quest to avoid simply eating healthy and exercising, it combines the all natural and recently discovered health benefits of juice from the acai berry (unsold prune juice left over from the 80's) with the effects of receiving no less than 50 spam emails a day on the topic (vomiting from shear disgust) to rid the body of unhealthy toxins (any recently eaten food) and unnecessary weight (water)
Dana: I need to lose that last 5 pounds.

Paul: Have you tried the new acai berry cleanse? It's all natural....like sticking your finger down your throat...but without all the negative connotations that comes with bulimia.
by Calihog August 4, 2009
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The act of calling sober friends or former significant others at un-Godly hours after consuming alcoholic beverages to whine and complain about your lack of friends or significant other, thereby further alienating yourself from said pissed off recipient of phone call.

Also a common misheard lyric of the Brian Setzer Orchestra.
"Jimmy got hammered again this weekend and pulled another Drunk Dial N' Wail on me. Why can't I just unfriend him like on Facebook?"

"Drunk Dial N'...then ya wail ya gotta Drunk Dial' N...then ya wail ya gotta Drunk Dial N'...then she went away!.....I love that song!"
by Calihog July 31, 2009
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When you inadvertently call someone while your cell phone is in your front pocket. A variation of the popular "butt dial"
I'm sick of this phone....It fits nicely in my front pocket but I keep thigh dialing everyone.
by Calihog October 27, 2011
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Response given to someone who is annoyed at all the extra time they've been putting in at work even though they are being compensated for it.
Rob was whining about putting in a 60 hour work week so I told him to "rub your paycheck where it hurts"
by Calihog July 27, 2009
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