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Best Female Friend. An acronym usually used by a male to signify a best mate who is a girl
This girl is playing mind games on me. I may have to call the BFF and see if she can decipher the meaning of this text message.
by CageFightingBlogger May 26, 2013
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Covert slang for Ecstasy. From "MD", short for MDMA.
Gary always has a good time when he brings his Managing Director to the festival.
by CageFightingBlogger July 1, 2014
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An achronym for Can Only Do One Role. A name given to actors who land the same types of roles, and fail if they try their hand at anything else.
Short, sweary Italian gangsters are no problem for the CODOR Joe Pesci.
by CageFightingBlogger October 7, 2012
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Any night that you have extensive sexual intercourse with no ejaculation. Named after the situation frequently found when you order a plumber: you stay in all day, and nobody comes.
Bob: Kelly came round last night.
Roger: I take it you left her looking like a Painter's Radio?
Bob: I couldn't get that far mate. Neither could she.
Roger: Ah, sounds like you had a Plumber Night.
Bob: You know all the cool sexual pseudonyms.
by CageFightingBlogger November 28, 2010
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