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A perfect travel-sized homosexual.
From Will and Grace:

Jack: What you have there is a Pocket Gay. Just pop him in a man-purse or briefcase and you're good to go. In ten year's they'll be makin' them all that way.
by Cadyelle July 31, 2008

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1. One who is an english fiend; a language whore; a lover of intellectual intercourse.
2. Someone who knows little things like the differences between your and you're.
3. Preferably a female who knows how to construct not only proper sentences, but has a bit of wit and quirkiness within their writings; may be used to describe males who have the same ability.
1-I am a grammar queen.
2-She makes such a big deal between to, too, and two...what a grammar queen.
3-He gave me an F! Ugh! That--that--GRAMMAR QUEEN!
by CadyElle July 02, 2007

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-female homosexual intelligence, level of intelligence is usually high
straight male: How'd you know?!
lesbian: I've got Bo Intellect. Ugh, son!
straight male: Wow...what an ego bruiser.
by CadyElle September 04, 2007

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1. One who always has a clit on their face.
2. A substitute for one of the more common insults.
3. A compliment to out and proud lesbos.
1-You clitface.
2-Fucking clitface!
3-You're such a clitface.
by CadyElle July 02, 2007

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-Embodies sapphic qualities as well as a certain degree of sophistication.
-A well-mannered, classy sapphist.
-Posesses Bo Intellect or Lesbian Intellect

-A female who has evolved from being strictly heterosexual. Woman may be of bisexual orientation who is more interested in the same sex or strictly lesbian.
Sadly, not enough women are sapphicsticated. ;)
by CadyElle September 03, 2007

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-used to describe a person who is promiscuous with grammar
Girl 1: I just love intellectual intercourse.
Girl 1: Wow...you're so grammiscuous!
by CadyElle September 04, 2007

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