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The Jump Street Effect is the alliance of nerds and jocks in order to accomplish a common goal that they cannot complete on their own. The end result is a major can of whoop-ass being unleashed upon everybody else.
Jock1- we have to use The Jump Street Effect to to beat down the other team!

Jock2- how will that help us?

Jock1- the nerds will alter our physical capabilities, making us superhuman!
by CURBSTOMPER34 July 24, 2014

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Popping rounds in the asses of gang members
That lo-pro-po was really fading the colors yesterday!
by CURBSTOMPER34 February 22, 2014

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Lord of Shit means someone reeks so bad, any and/or everything within a 10 mile radius rolls over and dies.
Guy1- what's wrong?
Guy2- (Pukes)
Guy2- Dude, Toby is the official lord of shit!
Toby- Hey guys, wassup?!
Guy1&2- (Fall on floor and die)
by CURBSTOMPER34 January 28, 2014

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A man Blast is the dumbest word ever to have been created. It means cherry bombing a soccer ball 200ft into the air and some gay guy gets hit in the face by it.
Holy SHIT!!! MAN BLAST!!!!!
by CURBSTOMPER34 January 28, 2014

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