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After completing the act of simple, everyday bukkake, the dudes chuck a handful of shaved pubic hair at the girl's face whereby it sticks to the semen residue turning her into a hairy beast. If she doesn't suspect the addition of pubic hair with her dose of cum, she may object vehemently. With a throat full of semen, the angry gurgling sounds like a Wookie. While this last part isn't necessary for a Bukkake Wookie, it's a nice bonus.
Kurt: I just got out of work. Are you guys done with your bukkake yet? I want to go to Denny's.

Tarik: Yeah we done. Come pick us up yo.

Kurt: Okay but we need to take two cars since there's five of you.

Tarik: Naw son, we gave Marjorie a Bukkake Wookie so she's all pissy.

Kurt: Nice. That bitch never finished her Grand Slam anyway.

by CSuckinhelL March 30, 2009

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A variation of the common Cleveland Steamer but performed exclusively in Vietnam. The addition of Vietnamese cuisine makes the poop especially loose and spicy, thus requiring less effort when steamrolling it, more visible steam when performed outside, and an especially pungent aroma.
Ping: Want to get some binh bao dumplings?

Sing: Sure, I need to fill up so I can give my girl a quick Vietnamese Steamer tonight. I have class in the morning.

Ping: Zang!
by CSuckinhelL March 30, 2009

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A variation of the Vietnamese Steamer but with a more holistic, fiber enriched diet. The poop comes out healthier, less spicy and pungent. It's identical to the Cleveland Steamer in style and substance, but performed exclusively on Vietnamese soil or by native Vietnamese people on foreign soil.
Liptang was eating a lot of broccoli so he could give his girlfriend a Charlie Brown for Tet.
by CSuckinhell March 31, 2009

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