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Without doubt, though to a greater degree than indubitably.
“That was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.”

by CPT Ron October 7, 2019
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A tool box with matching power douche accessories is the most egregious form of tool. If a tool is a common douche-bag, and a tool box is where tons of tools go, then a tool box with matching power douche accessories is the apex predator of douches.

This person would be the megalodon of douche, the Elvis of douchebaggery, or the Mount Everest of douche. In the SCUBA diving world this person would be the Andrea Doria of douche. In rock climbing, this person would be the 5.15a of douche. In cycling, this person would be the Tour De Douche, except that he would have both testicles. In Kalifornia, this person would be the Nancy Pelosi of douche. In the hand gun world, this person would be the Desert Eagle of douche...a douche that is completely unlike other douches to an almost comical, unnecessary degree.


Cliffy, a Sergeant in my unit in 3rd Infantry Division, referred to our commander (he who shall not be named) as a tool box with matching power douche accessories one time. We all instantly recognized the gravity of the phrase. Like the Tarrasque in Dungeons and Dragons, there can typically only be one tool box with matching power douche accessories in the world at any given point. According to legend, the tool box with matching power douche accessories may take on an apprentice tool box, and upon his death the apprentice will then gain the douche prowess of the then deceased tool box with matching power douche accessories.
"Man, our boss is the worse example of douchebaggery that I have ever witnessed in all my years in the military. He is a tool box with matching power douche accessories."

by CPT Ron April 30, 2013
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Noun. A person who makes a great display, either physical or verbal, of constantly being offended by very small things. Normally found in an urban area of the United States. Common offendopotamus behavior includes complaining about the temperature of their 4 dollar ethically sourced coffee, the quality of their 90 dollar steak, or how every Halloween costume is somehow racist, sexist, ableist, deist, etc.
I'm trying to get through the line at the coffee shop and this offendopotamus keeps holding up the line by demanding that the soy milk be heated to 160 degrees before it is put into her latte.
by CPT Ron November 3, 2017
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A house on stilts is a woman with a massive torso connected to two spindly, spider-like legs. She is the human personification of Baba Yagga's hut. She has the legs of a marathon runner and the upper body of a big fat sloppy American woman.
"Man, Maria is a real house on stilts. Look at the size of that chick's tiny legs! How do her legs even hold up that much bulk?"
by CPT Ron October 11, 2013
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This is a military term for aligning yourself in formation with the person in front of you, so that when viewed from the front of a formation you all are covered and aligned correctly.

In the vernacular, to cover down means to get someone's back when they fuck up.

Example: "Where is Jones, why isn't he here?"

"He's at dental sergeant."

That's covering down.
When your wife drinks too much, you cover down on that shit, hold her hair out of the toilet, and tell nobody about it.
by CPT Ron May 25, 2020
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A dunkaroo is a sexual maneuver whereby a male of the species holds a woman of the species firmly by the hair. The male then penetrates said female anally for a undetermined period of time. The male then, while keeping control of the hair (this is important), scampers around the side of the women and places his penis in the woman's mouth while making a stirring motion with his hips. This is the dunkaroo.
"Do you see that filthy hosebeast over there by the keg? Last month at the Halloween party I dressed up like a kangaroo and did the dunkaroo on her. She got that booty mouth while dressed like a slutty Tinkerbell."
by CPT Ron February 17, 2021
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When you screw something up so badly in front of so many people, that you wish you were being pre-recorded on TV so you could ask the technical staff to literally "cut to commercial break." The cut to commercial break indicates that you have achieved an Xbox like screw up. If you were in a video game, the achievement "Worst thing you've done this year" would indicate below you on screen.
I had a savage, throbbing boner during my job interview yesterday. When I stood up, it kinked in my pants like a broken candy bar and I know the hiring manager saw it. I really wished I could have cut to commercial break. I could hear him telling his buddy I must be "fun sized" on the way out of the lobby.
by CPT Ron July 20, 2020
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