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The soviet space programs first missions and HOLY SHIT THEY PUT A DOG ONBOARD WHAT THE FUCK
"You ever seen sputnik?"
"The one with the fucking space dog?"
"Yeah, what's the dog's name again?"
by CMOSbattery April 08, 2021

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The only state to be a physical manifestation of a mid-life crisis. It's southern and in the Bible belt and they say "warsh" instead of wash, but the younger are more northern. Also horse racing yeehaw. Half of the land is just a highway in the middle of nowhere with a tree-riddled cliff on the right and a hill on the left. There's no natural flat ground; everything is on an incline. The capital is a small town, compared to Lexington or Louisville it is nothing.
What even is Kentucky
by CMOSbattery July 03, 2020

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