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To be 'Crangled' is to be intoxicated out of your mind as a result of taking powerful psycho-active drugs, often in a party situation. A portmanteaux of 'Crazy' and 'Mangled'. One who is crangled may be considered 'Crazzler'.
Wanna get crangled?

I was crangled last night!

I might as well change my name to Christopher K. Crangle because I was TOTALLY crangled last night.
by CK Crangle November 1, 2010
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If an intoxicating substance has a zany tang to it, it might be considered to have a 'Zang!'. Also used as a friendly greeting between people who previously taken copious amounts of 'Zang!'-inducing drugs with one another.

This M-Dizzle has a real Zang! to it.

(After snorting a line of MDMA thinking it was coke): "ZANG!!"
by CK Crangle November 1, 2010
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