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To borrow relentlessly from others but have the means to buy for oneself. To be a chronic moocher. Based on North American slang for 'collecting welfare' (to be on benefits) but not deserve it.
Heh, could I bum a cigarette from you guys? Forgot mine at home..
(Takes cigarette, smiles and walks away.)
Shit, that guy is so welf. He never has his own smokes, bums my beer when he comes over but always has cash to buy some chick a drink. What a fucker!
by CJS December 25, 2004
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To have been conned out of something. To have been convinced by a finneagler to party with something of value. To have been the target of a con man's finneagle.
Man, it happened again. She saunters over, pouts her lips, squeezes her tits together, leans close and whispers in my ears and, bang!, my cash for the night is gone. I've been finneagles again!
by CJS December 25, 2004
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To steal in a sophisticated and cunning manner. To convince (much like a confidence man) someone to part with a valuable and, if the finneagler is particularly skillful, to do so believing that it is actually what the finneagled want. Furthermore, to finneagle would be to convince someone that by handing over their valuables, it is helping the finneagler out of a jam or trouble.
I wonder if I could finneagle some cash. Who would be a pushover....who?
by CJS December 25, 2004
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Means the same thing as "sure."
Him: You didn't really slap that boy, did you?
Me: I shove did.
by CJS December 05, 2003
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