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From the Latin word Radix meaning "root" or "source," referring to that force which gives rise to all movement , feeling and growth in a person and in life. It is the life force...chi...prana...that united body, mind, emotions and spirit. A very spirited & energetic person to be around. Very radical and loves everyone and everyone loves him. Determined to be friends with everyone and is trustworthy and loving. An amazing life force to be paired with. This person will balance you and bring movement and healing to your life. The utmost loyal and very affectionate to others. He is the type of person who is always center of attention but always humble and kind. He's very considerate and polite, always thinks of others feelings and emotions! You are lucky to have someone like this in your life. He loves life with his whole being and always laughing. This person deserves all your love and will return it 10 fold! You are blessed! Nick name: Radd.
Raddix is an amazing human life form!
by CJS September 20, 2014
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