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chote is a derogatory slang abbriviation of the word choteus meaning that of a man's penis which is wider in length than it is long. The word chote is a fast growing adjective used in the Australian coastal town of Currumbin to describe a frustrating or stupid person who is behaving innappropriately (namely a male). The word also is a local greeting term to acknowledge friends or acquaintances known over a long period of time and or seen on a regular daily basis.
derogatory usage -
Have a look at this choteus trying to surf he's got no idea.
Don't be such a chote taking all the hot water.
This chote came up and tried to pick a fight.

Greeting usage -
Wats up chote ; Hey chote
by CIZZ February 11, 2007

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hommus is a slang word used as both a minor derogatory and informal welcoming and departing comment within certain beach cultures on the southern coastal towns of Australia's, Gold Coast. The term is also refered to as hello hommus and is in no way intended to describe or reference homosexuality or gay tendancies which it's sometimes sadly internationally mistaken for.
derogatory -
Don't be such a hommus and pass me the tomato sauce

informal welcome -
Hello hommus
Wats going on hommus
by CIZZ February 11, 2007

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The term 'breath of god' is an adjective used to describe when the force or 'wind' created by another persons flatulence (fart) comes in contact with your face or skin.

Not to be mistaken with a 'cupcake' - the key to a correct identification of the breath of god is the actual feeling of wind or 'breath' of another humans fart on your skin which is generally followed by an unbearable smell and or laughter.
Amber unleashed 'the breath of god' in her boyfriends face.

Many believe a 'cupcake' is the most intrusive of farting behaviour but nothing comes close to feeling the breath of god.
by CIZZ June 15, 2007

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