3 definitions by CEOofVirginity

The language of which people speak when you can not understand a word they are saying
Guy 1: i juh gut bock frum dollor chree

Guy 2: wtf his he saying

Guy 3 to Guy 2: dat boi speaking italics bro
by CEOofVirginity October 29, 2019
Sway. Sway is another name for Savannah. But only Bad bitches named Savannah can only be Nick Named sway.

Sway is weird, but a solid bitch and can give some bomb ass head, no cap
Guy 1: "bro im so lucky sway in my life. She be givin a nigga some fire ass head, ngl"

Guy 2: "oh word?"
by CEOofVirginity February 15, 2021
Jefforson is a dude that probably sleeps completely nude and watches Naruto. Doctors messed up his name when he was born and his original name was supposed to be Jefferson
Jefforson is such a cool guy. He probably sleeps naked.
by CEOofVirginity October 29, 2019