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the only college you will ever find in a mall
i couldn't get into community college so i went to kaplan college
by CBJDOE October 25, 2009
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Health Occupation Students of America
best organization to be in if you are a guy... Male to Female ratio of 1 guy to 5 girls.... at state you stay @ a hotel and it may be educational but its the time of your life
i signed up for a health careers class now i'm part of HOSA
by CBJDOE December 14, 2009
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a oversized hole in your nose from doing too much cocaine
steve-o has a noony nostril
by CBJdoe October 29, 2009
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the act of brushing your teeth with a bare toothbrush because you don't have time or just ran out of toothpaste
Dude1: I woke up this morning with only 10 minutes to get to work... i had to bachelor brush
by CBJDoe September 13, 2009
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