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The king of the town that Homestar Runner and his comrades reside in. He is by far the most unpopular person in town. He has his own flock of sheep (or used to, anyway), and eats all kinds of crap. While it is widely believed the the King of Town lives in a smile-faced castle, in reality, he lives in atwo bedroom job next door to Strong Bad. He leases his Weber barbecue to The Cheat for shelter. Rumor has it that he is Marzipan's father, but nothing has been confirmed.
The KING OF TOWN ate his sheep. They were delicious.
by CaPN April 08, 2003

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Any type of weed, USUALLY chronic or purple kush, that has been properly cured and dried for a long period of time. It is called STANKY DANK because when MJ Dealers grow, they usually will quick dry by throwing their weed in an oven or by other methods; when it is cured and dried properly the weed will keep the optimal potency, taste, and smell.
That shy iz sum of da stankiest stanky dank i've evur had! hyuck hyuck
by CAPN November 28, 2004

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He is a fucking homo, penis, and total hardass. He has issues with self esteem. He has a penis in his buttockses.
Man, I'm about to go Wolfe Crislip on you if you don't put down mah fuckin' dingdong.
by capn July 31, 2004

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an acronym, it stands for Controling Asshole Polish Nazi.

It is used as a nick name for one person and one person only, all others are imposters.
CAPN was being an asshole last night. Everything anybody did had to be under his control. I can't stand him, that nazi pole.
by CAPN November 09, 2004

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