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I can't believe that until now there's no definition.

Speed Sex is getting drove on large amounts of methamphetamine (speed) and having marathon sex featuring all sorts of strange, kinky, unusual acts resulting in a series of intense rushes that are equal to a regular orgasam and culminating in a hands-over-your-head rollercoaster death-drop mind blowing orgasm (hopefully). Hopefully because that big one can be very elusive and you might not get it but if you do... oh boy. Even if you don't it's still an E-ticket ride.
We locked up in a room for two days having speed sex.
by C55 December 10, 2017

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Smokin batshit refers to something somebody says or something you may see or read that is so stupid, beyond any possible redemption that the only way it could have been made was if the author was "smokin batshit."
I was at the car dealership the other day and asked how much to replace a brake light bulb. The guy tells me-with a straight face mind you-$47.00! I said "Dude you're 'smokin batshit,' yes guano, that savory crap found in a bat cave."
by C55 May 31, 2018

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